Books and Grace

About Us

We are a small group of gals with a passion for accounting. Yes, a passion for accounting. We get nerdy for this stuff. All of us being from the opportunistic community of Grande Prairie, we have a combined experience of 60 years. What sets us apart is we have the experience and knowledge from working closely with local accounting firms. This ensures we know exactly what the accountant needs are and why they need it. We guarantee that we prepare your files with limited adjustments needed. This leaves tax planning, the good stuff, for your accountant. On top of our love for accounting, we truly value the relationship we have with our clients. We want the best for them and will do what it takes to support them through their success.

Our brand: The Grace in the name speaks to our relationship with our clients. Treating all with kindness and courtesy. The ‘Swan’ ampersand is a nod to Grande Prairie being Swan City as well as swans symbolize balance and maintain grace in the communication with other people.

We look forward to meeting you!


Books and Grace
Financial Reports

Monthly financial reports will be provided to ensure you are always aware of your financial position.

Books and Grace
Accounts Receivable

We will process all your invoicing and provide you with up to date aged receivable listings, as well collect on overdue accounts.

Books and Grace
Accounts Payable

We will provide you with an overview of all outstanding invoices owing to your vendors.

Books and Grace

We will maintain all your payroll records, record timesheets, issue paycheques via paper or direct deposit, and process all necessary documents.

Books and Grace
Data Entry

We will record all your data entry with the accounting software you prefer.

Books and Grace
Sorting & Filing

We will gladly sort through your collection of receipts and paperwork and set up an electronic filing system for you moving forward.

Books and Grace
Job Costing

Improve your bottom line by tracking all your revenues and expenses as they pertain to a specific job's budget and its profitability.

Books and Grace
CRA Remittances

Government remittances are prepared and filed in a timely manner, while ensuring all information is recorded accurately and concisely.

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